7 Things You Can Label With a Food Labeling Machine


When it's time to put your food labeling machine to work, there are few limitations on the types of items you can label. You shouldn't have to worry that your machine won't be able to handle the unique needs of your packaged food products. There are a huge range of options available to take care of your entire product line. Get started with these seven ideas:


  1. Cookies - Whether you package your cookies in a sleeve, a bag or a clamshell container, there are labeling options that are just perfect for keeping them safe. You can use a wraparound labeler to seal your cookie containers, or you can use top and bottom labels to present your brand.

  2. Sandwiches - Sandwiches are often packaged in clamshell containers to keep them from getting crushed during transport and on store shelves. A specialty clamshell labeler will also keep them fresh by ensuring the package stays sealed until it is purchased.

  3. Bread - Most bread products are best packaged in bags or sleeves. The use of a top and bottom labeler can gently put your labels on the package without damaging the product. Now you can label your artisan style breads with a professional touch.

  4. Salad - Salads can be packaged in a clamshell, or in a two piece bowl that makes it easy to take and eat. You may choose to label the sides of a cylindrical bowl with a wraparound label, or use a top/bottom label to get the job done.

  5. Pastries - Pastries typically come on flat trays, packaged with a bag or vacuum seal to prevent them from moving around too much. Top and bottom labelers can effectively run labels on hundreds of trays per minute to get them out the door.

  6. Jello - Given the unique properties of jello, you can choose from a huge selection of bowls for packaging your desserts. In particular, jello is often packaged in decorative containers that show off the translucent effects of the food. Nevertheless, there are labelers that can easily handle any oddly shaped container you choose without causing a wrinkle or bubble beneath the surface. This includes top/bottom labelers as well as shrink labelers that will contour to your container precisely.

  7. Salsa and Sauces - If you're in the business of canning or jarring specialty sauces and salsa, make sure you have a wrap around labeler that can keep up with demand. You can also choose to use shrink labels to create a tamper-proof seal on your jars.

These are just a handful of the products that a food labeling machine can handle. A Pack Leader food labeling machine is versatile to be able to take on a variety of different products and labels with ease. Many of our machines use simple one-button setup features that allow you to change between products in a few short minutes without losing time.

To learn more about how a food labeling machine from Pack Leader USA could revolutionize your packaged food business, download our new eBook all about choosing the right labeling equipment for foods!


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