5 Successful Product Label Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2023

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If you want to refresh your product or start your new business from scratch, you are probably wondering where to begin. There is no doubt that a product's label is a big selling point in the eyes of consumers. Creating, or refreshing, a product label to adhere to current design trends is a great way to draw in new customers and stand out on the self. Ultimately, communicating your brand messaging through your product label is one of the most important factors to consider while you are in the creative process. 

Recently, large brands that have been in business for many years, have decided to refresh their logos and designs. Ultimately, doing this can help brands reach new audiences and feel more modern to consumers. 

For those who are launching a product for the first time, it is crucial that you find ways for your product to stand out amongst your competitors. Creating a label design that is trendy and different from the rest can help your sales reach new heights. 

Designing a new label requires you to think outside of the box, which can be difficult to do without a little bit of inspiration. Luckily, we gathered 5 killer product label design ideas to help inspire you during your creative process.

Clean, Simple, Readable

Minimalism has been on the rise for several years. These designs are extremely simple and consist of a neutral color scheme and straightforward fonts. A great example of this design comes from skincare brands. Multiple skincare brands focus on using clean ingredients and being completely transparent, which is why the minimalistic design works so well for them. 

Another great example of minimalistic label design comes from luxury candle companies. Their candle labels are extremely simple, yet beautifully designed. Their labels include all of the required information needed and are clean and easy to read.

Bold Colors

Aside from minimalism, using bold colors has been on the rise for 2023. Multiple brands in the consumable product industry have created labels that use bright and engaging colors. If you are selling a product in a market that has many different competitors, using fun colors on your product's label can help catch the attention of customers. 

Metallic Accents

Aside from using engaging colors, experimenting with different textures on your label has been a big trend for 2023. Using metallic accents makes your product labels feel more high-quality and luxurious. If you're using neutral colors adding a gold metallic accent to your label would be a great touch!


Incorporating a maximalist design is a great way to showcase creative designs by local artists. These designs are extremely bold and have been used on many craft brew products. These designs are often showcased across the entire can or another packaging. In addition to bold colors, the maximalist design catches the attention of customers by being unique. These designs are true works of art!


If you are looking to refresh your product labels, experimenting with typography is a great way to start. After being in business for a while, using different typography will be able to give your brand a new and more modern look. Recently, many large companies, such as Staples or Pfizer, have begun to do this and have launched new and improved logos. 

Getting Started

After you design your product label, it is important to make sure that you choose the right labeling partner. Aside from having a great design, ensuring that your labels are applied correctly with the correct type of label will ultimately lead to your product being high-quality. 

If you’re feeling stuck, check out our Practical Guide to Choosing Labeling Equipment. This guide is free to download and will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right labeling equipment for your product.