5 Product Label Ideas

5 Product Label Ideas

Inspiration to Help You Create the Perfect Label for Your Product

Labels are often the first thing that a customer notices about a new product. They can also help draw attention away from your competitors and aid in making a sale. Therefore, it’s very important that your products stand out from the crowd with a compelling and well-designed label! 

However, designing a great label is a big task and it can be difficult to get started. Fortunately, we're here to help provide you with some tips and inspiration, so you can craft a cool and unique product label.

Avoid Cluttering Your Label With Graphics

Designer: Glasfurd and Walker


Designer: Morkman Reklambyrå


A great graphic is a wonderful thing. However, labels are generally small, so you want to be careful not to go overboard. One beautiful and well-placed image or logo should be enough to draw attention to your product. If you try to add more visuals than that, they will compete with each other and make the label appear chaotic and unattractive. 

Focus On Your Branding or Logo

Designer: Oliver Pearlfisher


 Designer: Eric Stevens

Increasing customer awareness is a really crucial part of building a business, so you’ll want to make sure that your label’s design keeps your branding as the focus. For instance, if you have an easily identifiable logo, you’ll want this to be featured prominently on your label, or else customers might not associate the product with your business. 

Furthermore, you’ll want the overall tone and look of your label to be consistent with your brand. This means that if you are selling a product that offers a high-class experience, your label should be refined and sophisticated. Alternatively, if you’re selling a product aimed at children, you should keep your label bright, fun, and playful.

Communicate Through Images

 Botanical Product Label Design by Salma Nur Narulita


 Bottle Label Design by ERICK ANDRE VOORNEMAN

Labels don’t offer a lot of space for product information. Therefore, you may not be able to tell your customer everything you’d like them to know without making the design look busy or the text too small to easily read. One solution is to be imaginative with your graphics. Tell the story of your brand or product in images. 

For instance, if you sell pet shampoo, you could display a picture of a dog or cat. A fruit-scented candle may have a simple strawberry or apple on the label. Organic products often have images of plants or the earth on their logos. So, if a big part of your brand identity is where your products are made or were invented, you may choose to put a map on the logo. This will inform customers while keeping the overall label design concise and attractive. 

Be Creative With Text


Designer: 22 Squared

Designer: Diego Ballester

It’s also important to know that a great label doesn’t need to rely on graphics at all! Sometimes it can be better to play with fonts, sizes, spacing, and color to create stunning typography. Not only can the result be visually engaging and attractive, but this is a useful tactic if you have a lot of information to convey. Labels are small, so this strategy can help you make the most of the limited space.

Simplicity May Be Key

Designer: Swear Words


Designer: Ruiz+Company

Sometimes the best strategy is to go minimalist. This is especially true if your product is a high-end item. For those that are branded as luxuries, focus on utilizing negative space, and including clean lines, bold text, and only a single basic image, if any at all.

Labels that are overly busy, with too many graphics and loud colors or fonts can look tacky or unappealing. An uncomplicated yet striking design can help your label to stand out and look more sophisticated.

Getting Started on Your Product Labels 

For more ideas and tips around creating the right label for your product and applying it efficiently, take a look at our practical guide to choosing the right labeling equipment guide. This will give you an in-depth understanding of each wrap around label machine, so you can easily make the best decision for your products as well as evaluate your current setup.