4 Ways an Automatic Labeling Machine Can Streamline Order Fulfillment

4 Ways an Automatic Labeling Machine Can Streamline Order Fulfillment

Increasing speed, efficiency, and precision can take your manufacturing operation to the next level.

Back in the day (when people walked to school uphill in the snow both ways), it was common to expect order fulfillment lags of as much as four to six weeks. That would never fly in today’s want-it-now culture. To keep customers happy, you need to do everything possible to expedite order fulfillment. Thankfully, automated technology has paved the way (so long, hills and snow) for a smoother journey between you and your customers.

Automatic labeling machines are one of the most notable advancements in order fulfillment. They not only speed up your production line but also reduce errors and employee fatigue, as well as ensure that your products and packages are properly labeled and easily tracked.

Using high-speed labeling machines can benefit your company in these four ways. 

1. Improve production line efficiency with high-quality, user-friendly equipment.

Automated labeling machines take advantage of several different technologies that work together to improve the overall efficiency of your bottling, canning, or packaging line. The latest automatic labeling machines are able to place high-quality digital labels significantly faster than manual labeling.

For example, craft breweries, wineries, and other bottling industries can produce up to 600 bottles per hour after upgrading to an automatic labeling machine. In fact, many bottlers report a 300% increase in the number of bottles they’re able to complete each hour just by purchasing equipment that can keep up with production speeds. 

Bottlers report a 300% increase in the number of bottles they’re able to complete each hour just by purchasing equipment that can keep up with production speeds. 

These modern, easy-to-use labeling machines offer huge time and cost savings for any operation. 

Hint: Consider purchasing modular equipment that will integrate seamlessly into your existing production line. 

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2.  Reduce employee fatigue that can lead to costly downtime, errors, and waste.

Streamlining your production setup will enable your entire line to run continuously, with little physical labor and less downtime to hinder expedient order fulfillment. Studies have shown that employees performing repetitive tasks are prone to fatigue, costing U.S. employers more than $130 billion annually in health-related lost productivity.

$130 billion annually in health-related lost productivity

Tired employees are more prone to make mistakes that may result in both wasted time and materials. In highly regulated industries like fresh food or pharmaceutical, errors can lead to expensive recalls and lawsuits.

Automated labeling machines will take this burden off your employees and allow you to streamline labor costs while utilizing your team in more productive ways.

3. Seamlessly include accurate lot numbers, dates, tracking info, and barcodes.

Yet another way that the newest labeling machine technology can help is by ensuring that your products are properly marked, whether on the label itself or through the use of a flexible printer add-on in your modular lineup.


Ensuring that your batch codes and expiration dates are accurate, clear, and legible can be a challenge. Thankfully, even with the added flexibility of a modular add-on, you get a better quality print than ever before. These printers have been tested extensively to make sure each product is properly labeled as it flows through your production line.

Automated labeling machines also allow you to render bar codes and other information that’s invaluable for efficient inventory management and tracking of products throughout the order fulfillment process.

4. Ensure precise, consistent placement of labels with modern technology.

Consistent placement of labels is not only important for quality perception but also order fulfillment. Key information must appear in the same place every time in order to efficiently scan labels. Automatic labeling machines have become vital to order fulfillment.

Tech-savvy tips:

  • Scanning a label enters information into your system so you can track packages and inventory.
  •  A well-integrated labeling system helps identify and eliminate errors.
  • Use a combination of bar codes and human-readable information for easiest identification.
  • When applied in the right spot, a label can remain accessible and damage-free.

A flexible and professional labeling system is key to getting placement right every time on a variety of products. The cosmetics industry is a prime example of this need, with its array of tiny containers and label shapes and sizes that require delicate precision. High-quality labeling machines also allow you to change products and labels as necessary and ensure that information is consistently placed for expedient order fulfillment. 

Investing in an automatic labeling machine can speed up your order fulfillment speed and improve your bottom line.

Investing in an automatic labeling machine can improve your order fulfillment speed and capabilities as well as reduce the amount of energy your operation expends overall. Stop individually applying labels, instead make your production line run smoother and faster.

For optimal efficiency, many of our automatic systems are designed to work with a pack out table. Hand labeling or semi-automatic labeling machines require you to run containers in batches and pack them all before beginning the next group. As a better option, an automated system feeds the pack out table as long as the line is running, allowing you to keep the product moving. The result? Improved production speeds and quicker, easier order fulfillment.

Pack Leader USA can help you find the right labeling machine and order fulfillment solution for your operation. With exceptional service, top-notch experience, and world-class technology, we’re setting the industry standard for excellence in modular labeling solutions.

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