4 Benefits of the CP-10 Cosmetic Bottle Capping Machine

4 Benefits of the CP-10 Cosmetic Bottle Capping Machine


The right bottle capping machine can increase speed and accuracy while minimizing mistakes.

It can be challenging to compare costs between bottle capping machines because the metrics can differ. For example, consider car ownership. Yes, a single Uber ride is far cheaper than purchasing a car. But, after a year of taking Uber rides every day, the amount of money spent would far exceed what it would take to buy a vehicle outright. This is the same principle that faces businesses looking to save money in their packaging operation. Yes, you can hire an employee and pay them to screw caps on your cosmetics containers, and it would, at first, be cheaper than investing in a bottle capping machine.

You may see where this is going. 

If you’re looking to increase efficiency and lower costs in the long term, some operations are better suited for dedicated equipment. Filling and bottle capping machines can instantly transform a cosmetics packaging line by increasing output and eliminating human error. This may sound like we’re advocating for eliminating employees and replacing them entirely with machines, but this isn’t the case. The truth is, filling and bottle capping machines are tools your staff use to accomplish a job. Machines allow your workers to be more productive with less physical exertion. 

Let’s discuss one of the best tools you can add to your cosmetics packaging line.


The CP-10 Semi-Automatic Capping Machine

The value of adding bottle filling and capping machines is immense. Pack Leader USA’s CP-10 is undoubtedly up to the job. Here are four ways you can expect to see improvements if you add one to your cosmetics packaging line. 

Bottle Capping Machine Benefit: Increases Speed

The first, most dramatic change you’ll notice is how much faster a capping machine can cap cosmetics bottles. The CP-10 can handle between 15 and 25 bottles per minute. Seeing it in action demonstrates its effectiveness. If 25 bottles per minute don’t sound like it’s that fast, keep in mind that’s approximately one cap every 2 seconds. Your employees place the caps on the bottles as they pass through, and the rubber capping wheel spins it tight. 

An important feature of the CP-10 is that it can accommodate a wide variety of bottle cap sizes and shapes, plus you can program it to tighten caps with a specific amount of torque. This is essential because if the cap is too loose, it can let the cosmetics inside spill out. If the cap is tightened too much, it can crack the container or make it too difficult for customers to remove. 

Check out the CP-10 in action.

Bottle Capping Machine Benefit: Improves Accuracy

Let’s explore accuracy a bit more. This is a huge benefit because, as mentioned, caps should be applied at a particular tightness. Traditionally, if caps are put on wrong, this wastes time because the poorly applied caps must be identified, separated, and re-applied (if possible). The CP-10 does it perfectly every time. Plus, there’s no possibility of cross-threading like there is with hand application. 

This allows you to set more realistic goals for production output. If you know your bottle capping machine is properly applying caps at a set rate, you can predict what the day’s numbers will be. And you can get highly accurate with your predictions because you can set the exact speed of the CP-10 to match the equipment before and after in the production line.

Bottle Capping Machine Benefit: Decrease Mistakes

No matter how dedicated and precise your employees are, they're human — and human error requires constant effort to eliminate. With a Pack Leader USA CP-10 in your packaging line, capping mistakes are virtually eliminated. Thanks to the CP-10's product gapping system and bottle stabilizing clamps, you don't have to worry about slip-ups, oversights, spills, or breaks. No one wants makeup, lotion, or serum puddles on the floor. The machine's precision and conveyor belt guide rails ensure that bottles are capped according to settings and prevent problems as bottles move through.

The CP-10 also sports a super easy-to-use touchscreen that's intuitive and gives instructions on how to use its various features. When you invest in a CP-10 capper, you also get training and education from Pack Leader USA's tech experts. While our machines are user-friendly, we understand that hands-on instruction is still helpful. If your employees ever need a refresher or new hires come to your operation, we can give them the training they need. 

Bottle Capping Machine Benefit: Decrease Downtime

Bottle capping machines don’t take vacations or call in sick. Plus, you don’t have to rely on any single employee since anyone can be trained to use a Pack Leader USA CP-10. You can expect to get the same performance every day and have a consistent number of cosmetics bottles capped.

That said, machines can and do break or require maintenance. As with every Pack Leader USA machine, the CP-10 is modular, so parts replacement is quick and simple. Plus, it’s made from durable, long-lasting, and rust-resistant 304 stainless steel and aluminum. If there’s ever a problem you don’t know how to fix, Pack Leader USA’s tech support is available 24/7. If they can’t talk you through the issue, a tech will be sent your way to fix it in person.

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