4 Advantages of an Automatic Tabletop Label Applicator

4 Advantages of an Automatic Tabletop Label Applicator


If you need to label your products faster but have a tight budget, a tabletop labeler is a great solution. 

When you know your bank account down to the penny, it's a sign your budget is tight. If this is you, you've probably avoided buying new equipment to save precious cash. 

Sometimes the feeling you get when you want to upgrade your packaging line is "all or nothing." For instance, to save money, you'll make do with employees doing jobs that machines could do faster because you believe you have to buy the most robust machine, which is often expensive. This plan keeps things going without the extra investment of an intermediate machine that you'll just end up replacing anyway. But is that the best method?

If you have an employee hand labeling your products, that's definitely creating a bottleneck in your production line. There are jobs you can get away with using human labor to do, and it'll work for a while, perhaps unloading pallets, filling boxes, etc. But any job that requires precision, like labeling, will be done faster and more consistently by dedicated equipment, and it'll save money in the long run. 

A small tabletop labeler can dramatically increase your output without dealing a mortal blow to your credit card. In addition to the benefits you gain by upgrading to an automatic labeling machine, there are ways you can save serious money when you invest in a brand new tabletop labeler.

1. Speed

The first advantage you’ll see right away is that using a tabletop labeler will be faster than manual labeling. Way faster. As in, up to 5x faster. In other words, you could have five employees dedicated to labeling, and the single machine would keep pace with them. Imagine having a single employee operating the machine and the other four employees being productive elsewhere in your facility. This is one of the main ways a tabletop labeler can pay for itself quickly.

Using a tabletop labeler is 5X faster than manual labeling

2. Consistency

No matter how fast your employees can label containers, they will never be able to place labels perfectly straight every time. A well-adjusted and maintained tabletop labeler will apply labels in precisely the same place with the same pressure with every application. Consistent pressure is as important as placement because labels can fall off when applied poorly. At the end of a long shift, a tired employee will not be applying with as much vigor as a labeling machine.

3. Reliability

Labeling machines don’t call in sick. They can break (as any device can), but preventative maintenance and responsive customer service keep breakdowns to a minimum. And with Pack Leader USA Tabletop Labelers specifically, you can buy parts kits for the most commonly worn components, ensuring maximum uptime. You can also trust the durability of Pack Leader USA machines as they are made from durable S304 stainless steel and aluminum for longevity and rust prevention. Pack Leader USA labeling equipment is known to work as well in ten years as it did when it first implemented into your packaging line.

4. Portability

Sometimes you have to move your line equipment to accommodate a new configuration. Perhaps you have several lines, and you just can’t afford a second labeler. In both cases, having a modular tabletop labeling machine that can be easily moved is convenient and practical. For instance, a Pack Leader USA ELF-20 tabletop labeler is only 132 pounds and could be placed on a cart for easy transport.

Portable machine

Tax Credit for New Labeling Equipment

Here’s a life hack for when you’re ready to buy a tabletop labeler: an R&D Tax Credit. Ok, it’s not exactly a life hack, but it could give your business a much-needed boost. To make a long explanation short, R&D (or Research and Development) does not have to mean that you’re working to invent a new product to qualify. The R&D Tax Credit could be used for wages and (here’s the part that pertains to you) new equipment.

How do you know if you’re eligible? The requirements are pretty broad, but basically, if your company works on creating new or innovative products, improves existing products, hires any designers, engineers, or scientists, or is working on any patents or prototypes, you may be able to file for an R&D Tax Credit.

Finding the Right Tabletop Labeler

If you’re ready to get away from hand labeling and increase your output with a tabletop labeler, check out Pack Leader USA’s ELF Series. These convenient and portable labelers will make your line more efficient and your product packaging more professional looking. If you need help deciding which labeler is right for you, just reach out to us for a free consultation, and we’ll get you on the right track.