300+ Flavors of Vapor, One Vapor Machine Labeler


As a manufacturer of vape juices, you know the sky is the limit when it comes to creating new flavors. Whether you have a theme to stick to or you are just trying to create a huge library of flavors for customers to choose from, you could produce anywhere from three unique flavors to 300! So how to do you manage your packaging and labeling operations if you are moving between many different products at a rapid pace?

Using Technology To Your Advantage

Did you know that there are vapor machine labeling products out there that are perfect for you? An automatic labeling machine can help you ramp up your ejuice production by taking your bottles straight off the line and labeling them in a fraction of a second. Some of these professional quality machines are capable of handling hundreds of products per hour. Even if you're brewing your e-liquids in smaller batches, a semi-automatic machine can give you exactly what you need to load up each batch and get them labeled before moving on to the next flavor.

Why Is This Good For You?

In the vapor industry, when a hot flavor hits the market, everybody is quick to tell their friends. Great e-liquids tend to fly off the shelf faster than stores can stock them. If you are able to keep up with demand for your products, you'll be able to grow your business and get your flavors in front of more vapers. Meanwhile, each new flavor your create will utilize the same labeling equipment you've already purchased, so you can try something crazy and new without fear that you've over invested in specialized equipment.

Sizing Up

Let's say you struck gold with an incredible people that many are using as an all day vape. Instead of buying your products in the standard 30ml size, they want them in 60 or 120 ml bottles. Good news! Your automatic labeling machine is flexible enough to handle a variety of label sizes without any extra tooling. Simply load the new labels in, use the touch screen setup guide, and you can deliver bulk size bottles of e-juice in no time.

The right vapor machine labeling products can help you become a force within the vapor industry. The more options you can offer, and the more consistently you can get your products on shelves with quality labels, the more recognizable your brand will become. In an industry with a high degree of brand loyalty, having the right equipment is a big help. Not only will your vapor labeling machine help get you on the map, it will also make it easier for you to scale up to different size products and greater selection in the future.