3 Types of Labelers Made Specifically for Cosmetics Packaging

3 Types of Labelers Made Specifically for Cosmetics Packaging


Look for a labeling machine that fits seamlessly into your existing line, adapts to your cosmetics containers, and meets your output goals. 

Demand is up. More people than ever are looking to buy the cosmetics products you’re manufacturing. If you're going to capitalize on this demand and have a chance at beating the competition, you need to get more of your products to market faster. To do this, you know it's time to switch from manual to machines, including those impacting your packaging line. 

You could outsource to a co-packer, but after punching some numbers, you may have discovered that it makes more sense to invest in equipment to monitor production closely and maintain in-house control. 

There are several types of equipment that could be added to your packaging line to increase speed, efficiency, and productivity. For labeling specifically, a semi-automatic or a fully-automatic labeling machine that fits seamlessly into your existing line, adapts to your packaging containers, and meets your output goals would be a logical step forward.

There are different types of labeling machines at various price points. When it comes to equipment, you often get what you pay for. For instance, cheaper, lower-quality machines can be difficult to program and more susceptible to mechanical issues. We recommend shopping for quality machines from trusted companies that offer set up, training, and convenient access to service and maintenance. 

This article will help guide you through the different high-quality options that we offer at Pack Leader USA. This information should help you decide if one of our machines is best for your needs as you work to hit faster production goals.

#1 - Top and Bottom Labelers

If you need to place a label on the top or bottom of a cosmetics package, you could use a top labeler. A top labeler will only label one side but is cost-effective and fast. If you need to apply both a top and bottom label to your container, a top and bottom labeler can apply simultaneously. 

Depending on your operation's size, a small, tabletop top labeler might be all you need. A labeler like our ELF-20 Tabletop Top Labeling Machine is compact enough to be moved around a production facility and versatile enough to be fed by hand or other equipment in the production line. If you need to label larger packages, increase speed, and manage settings using a touch screen, you can step up to the PL-211 Top Labeling Machine. Both options can label a variety of containers, including makeup boxes, toiletry cases, and more, quickly and accurately.

If you need top and bottom labels on every package, get twice the speed by applying both at once with a top and bottom labeler like our PL-221 Top and Bottom Labeling Machine. This is ideal for compact clamshells and eyeshadow pallet boxes.


#2 - Wraparound Labelers

If you want to label the circumference of round or cylindrical containers (think lip balm jars and foundation bottles), you need a wraparound labeler. 

Our PL-501 Wrap Around Labeling System is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use labeler that can slot into almost any existing production line. This labeler can also be set up to apply labels to one side of a flat container, which allows it to function as a top labeler should the need arise. 

Pens, lipstick, eyeliner, and other small, cylindrical shapes can pose a challenge for traditional conveyer belt-fed labelers. The PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machine is designed to accommodate these types of containers. Any slim container can be quickly and accurately labeled with the PL-521 as its angled roller conveyor secures the product on its side, so there's no chance of tipping over before reaching the labeling mechanism. 


#3 - Shrink Sleeve Labelers

Shrink sleeves slide over a container and are then heated to shrink to fit the container snuggly. There's no adhesive in this process, meaning the labels can be easily removed if needed. You can also build in perforated tamper-evident tops without having to rely on a second machine.

For modestly sized production facilities, SL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine offers reliability, high speeds, and compact size to save on floor space. For even higher speeds and to accommodate bigger containers, there's the larger SL-301, which has double the sleeve speed of the SL-10. Both offer touchscreen controls and high-quality Siemens motor-driven conveyors.

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Identifying Labeler Quality

The most important aspect of a labeling machine is its quality. You can rely on Pack Leader USA labelers to withstand the rigors of a production line and not wear out or go out of alignment. Here are some characteristics of our labelers that we know will give you peace of mind as an operations manager.

  • Build Quality and Materials: Production lines can be harsh on equipment. They have to run constantly and endure dust and other contaminants, all while perfectly placing labels. Any labeler you buy needs to be made of strong materials that resist corrosion. Our labelers meet these expectations and more because they're made from 304 stainless steel and aluminum for maximum wear and rust protection. 

  • Serviceability: Equipment should be straightforward enough to maintain for employees to perform most operations. Plus, manufacturers should have parts kits available. Above all, manufacturers should also offer responsive service and expert training. At Pack Leader USA, we guarantee durable but easy-to-maintain equipment, have an inventory of spare parts kits, and have a team ready 24/7 to help with mechanical problems — this eliminates frustration and costly downtime.

  • Features: A labeling machine should label, sure, but it should also increase productivity. Smart features like job memory settings, missing label shutoff, label separation detection, and label count tracking are a few features that make good labelers invaluable. Our labelers feature all of these.

  • Expandability: What if, down the road, you want to add a label printer or a tamper-evident shrink band tunnel to your labeling machine? If you buy modular and expandable labeling equipment like the ones we offer, you can — easy peasy.

  • Accuracy and Consistency: Labelers should accurately, consistently, and reliably apply labels. If they can't, the investment will not pay off. When you buy Pack Leader USA labeling equipment, you can rest assured that they're built tough and calibrated correctly so that each label looks perfect every time. The last thing you need is to lose money or risk your brand's reputation because your products have sloppy labels.

Choosing a Labeling Partner

Our name reflects our drive to lead the pack, not blend into it. Amidst other labeling equipment companies, we stand out by creating the best equipment and offering the best pre and post-purchase experience. For instance, we offer factory acceptance tests (it's OK to call them FAT) so you can see for yourself how the equipment you're considering works. And our education and training are tops. We even have certified technicians who will properly start up your machine and train all your employees to ensure your investment is operating at maximum efficiency. 

As you consider our labelers for your cosmetics packaging line, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our labeling experts. They can help you pick the right label equipment based on your goal production rate, existing equipment, and budget. 

Pack Leader USA is here to help you move from manual to automatic. It’s time to get more out the door faster.

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