3 Bottle Label Applicators to Increase Productivity


So you have a bunch of bottles that you need labeled, but you aren't sure where to begin. Pack Leader USA offers three different levels of bottle label applicators for different size operations. Whether you're just getting started or you're ready to join the big leagues, we have something for you.

The ELF Series


The ELF series is Pack Leader USA's convenient tabletop bottle labeler. These small form bottle label applicators can easily be moved across multiple product lines, or stored out of the way when not in use. They can be placed upon any table or even a rolling cart for easy relocation. Despite the fact that they are small and portable, they are set up to handle in-line operations as well. Simple manual adjustments make it easy to swap out labels and move to new products in just minutes. This is the perfect solution for small scale operations.

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The PL Series


The PL series is an upgraded version of the ELF. It comes mounted on a rolling base, maintaining its portability. However, it comes with more advanced technology, and increased productivity. This machine is capable of handling larger batch sizes and faster in-line production. In addition, you'll have a full color touch screen module for managing your changeovers and setups. This is one of the most cost effective options around when it comes to bottle label applicators.

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The PRO Series


Our top of the line bottle label applicators are designed for permanent in-line installations. They come with advanced sensing and setup technology to improve the accuracy of your label placement and handle full time operation. These machines are durable and flexible, designed to handle a wide range of different bottle sizes, including tapered bottles. This is the machine that has it all for large scale bottling plants that need a full-scale solution. Not only does the equipment help you manage the setup process quickly and easily, it also provides you with plenty of feedback about how many products have been labeled and offers some quality control features that ensure each product leaves the line with a label so you'll never have any missed products.

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No matter what the size or type of your operation, Pack Leader USA has a machine for you. We offer three different levels of bottle label applicators so you can find a machine that fits well with your existing equipment and matches your budget. Go online and check out our bottle label applicators to learn more about how each machine works and which one is right for you. Contact us today to speak with a representative and schedule your free bottle label consultation.

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