If your expected utilization time for a specific machine is temporary or not frequent enough to purchase yet, then renting may be the most cost-effective solution. Pack Leader USA offers the option to rent one of our modular labeling solutions so you can ensure you are getting exactly the equipment needed for your project.

Rental plan options

We offer two different rental plan options to ensure the best solution for your business. 

Month to Month Rental

The monthly rental is 10% of the listed price for the specific machine, minimum three months. If the rental period is less than three months, a $500 setup fee will be charged. This option is excellent for businesses that have a temporary project needing specialty equipment. If you decide to purchase the machine after the rental period is completed, we will apply up to 90% of your money to the order.

Lease to Own

This process finances the equipment based on the monthly plan that works best for your budget. This option is a great solution for companies looking for a cost-effective way to get the machine you need, now. At the end of the lease to own period, you can buy out the equipment to own.

Available machines for rent

Pack Leader USA offers an extensive list of machines available for rent including:

The availability of our modular labeling equipment and our rental plan options help you make the right financing choice for your business. Fill out the form on the right to talk to Pack Leader USA about our renting options!