Filling and Capping

In addition to our vast line of labeling equipment, Pack Leader USA manufactures a full line of filling and capping equipment.


Pack Leader USA’s volumetric filling machines include liquid and tube filling machines. The detailed servo drive system controls the main filling structure, giving you high stability and precise positioning. And, the innovative control system on the liquid filling machines provides many different filling options: above liquid surface filling, underneath liquid filling and bottleneck (opening) filling. The tube filling machine is capable of handling many different types of viscous and semi-viscous products.


Pack Leader USA’s capping machines are dual servo driven. This controls the capping function to ensure the best product appearance. And, it’s easy to adjust our cappers according to your product specification. In fact, you can adjust at each stage in the process. From sorting to feeding, cap placing and bottle movement, you can easily customize caps per product spec and requirement. Please contact Pack Leader USA today to discuss your filling and capping needs.